anaheim ducks more like anaheim FUCKS quack quack lay ur eggs somewhere else u feathered pieces of shit

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What a time to be alive

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Will Middlebrooks hits a solo home run - March 25, 2014
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patrick sharp photobombs newlyweds during warmups (►)

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"Please pause, take a moment of silence and say a special prayer for the City of Boston and the Boston Fire Department.

2 Boston firefighters were killed in a 9-alarm fire; at least 18 injured, some critically.

Thankfully no residents of the building have been reported missing.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are once again, with you Boston.”


Photo: https://www.facebook.com/FireBrotherhood/photos/a.271254712908193.74148.187557941277871/733052890061704/?type=1&theater

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The Calgary Flames after Matt Stajan’s first goal since his newborn son passed away.

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if i ever get married to a hockey player this blog never happened 

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